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The Answers to these Questions
Will Show Why Your Company Needs a Web Site!

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It’s not important that the whole world know your location but what about the potential customer that may live within an hour or two of your location. Do they know how to find you and what your business is all about? Do you have a product or service people would be willing to travel 100 miles to purchase?
A Web Site Locator page will show a map of your location and allow your customers to get direction from their home to your front door. You can also list your phone number, fax number and your hours of operation.
Click here to see a sample Locator page.

If people knew your history, traditions and mission would they be more likely to do business with you?
That information can all be provided on your web site Home Page. An immediate introduction to you and your company and they didn’t have to leave home to find out the information. Click here to see a sample Home Page.

Do you have a product or service that needs to be explained and understood before it is purchased?
Your web site could allow potential customer to do their research in the comfort of their home.
Click here to see a sample About Us web page.

If new customer knew how knowledgeable and experienced your staff was would they be more likely to purchase your goods or service?
Why not include a Meet the Staff page on your web site. Tell the story of each of your employees and toot your own horn a little as well. You can even include staff photos.
Click here to see a sample Meet the Staff page.

Is your product so unique that you need to provide specialized answers to each question? Or do you often have to prepare quotes for your customers?

A web site Contact Us page may be your answer. Customers could submit questions or request a quote directly to you using your web site. Plus you could capture their information for your customer database. Click here to see a sample Contact Us page.

Are there Frequently Asked Questions concerning your product or service?
How about adding a Frequently Asked Questions page to your web site so your customer can get the answers they need. This will reduce staff time and provide great customer service. Click here to see a sample Frequently Asked Questions page.

A Few More Questions About Other
Web Site Features

Do you just want to attract new business to your location or do you want your customers to purchase your good and services directly from your web site?
Our web site software and design service lets you start with a introductory web site (3-5 pages) and grow, as your company grows, to unlimited pages and a 100 or more product catalog.
Click here to see a sample product catalogClick here to learn more.

Do you want to keep in contact with your customer and notify them of new products or special pricing without the high cost of direct mail?

Why not use Express E-Mail Marketing – the spam free and legal way. Click here to learn more.

How do we get the word out so potential new customers find our web site?

Include your web address in all forms of advertising including your business cards. If people know your web address they will check out your web site*. When people call for information don’t forget to give them your web site address. And of couse many will find you using search engines. Click here to learn more.

*Consider using small ads including your web address in surrounding communities. Church bulletins and community shoppers are inexpensive way to advertise your web address. Ask your current customers for their e-mail address and for permission to email them.