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The First Step is to create your Web Address by selecting a Domain Name.   Here are a few tips to help you select a Domain Name.   Keep it Short.   Keep it Memorable.   Keep it Simple.   Choose a Domain name that reflects your business.   Start with a .Com. 
Type in the name you would like in the space provided above and click on Search.  If that name is not available other names will be suggested.  You can select one of those suggestions or return to this page by clicking your Back button.  Then enter another Domain Name you would like. 
Once you find that the Domain Name you want is available you can continue by following the direction to purchase your Domain Name.  After you have purchased your Domain Name,you can return to Let's Get Started by first clicking on SitesForSmallBiz.com and then back to Let's Get Started.
If you need help with this Step go to Request Help fill in the form and submit.  We'll contact you as soon as possible.

Step Two
Do It Yourself.

WebSite Tonight is an internet-based Web site creation tool that enables users to build and publish feature-rich, professional looking Web sites in a few simple steps. An easy-to-use turnkey solution, WebSite Tonight guides the user through the entire process of building and publishing a Web site to the internet. Because WebSite Tonight is build around a large variety of professionally-designed Web site templates, users need no prior knowledge of HTML or Web site design to build professional-looking web sites. You can order your WebSite Tonight plan by clicking here. You’ll receive Free Hosting and Email and you will not pay a set-up fee because you will be doing your own set-up following the on line Guide provided by WebSite Tonight. Doing it yourself is the least expensive way of having a web site.  Many business owners don't want to go it along that's why Aaron O'Neal & Associates offers to help with design and set-up.

Step Two
With Our Help

Aaron O’Neal & Associates uses the same WebSite Tonight software and you purchase the WebSite Tonight Plan that works best for your business. You still get the Free Hosting and Email but Aaron O’Neal & Associates provides the Web site designing and set-up service to get you up and on line quicker and with out the hassle of doing it yourself. After the initial site is up and published on line Aaron O’Neal & Associates will provide you with a 40 plus page Editing Guide and up to two hours of training to teach you and/or your staff how to maintain your Web site. If you want Aaron O’Neal & Associates to help with design and set you can still proceed to order your Website Tonight Plan but you also need to go to Request Help and submit the form stating that you would like a call concerning Design and Set-up. Design, set-up and training for a 3-5 page Web site is $389.00.  Go to Request Help and submitt your request today.